circuit breaker

Join us for the guard-en party experience

First interactive training event with Intel's Project Circuit Breaker

In conjunction with the launch of Intel’s new Project Circuit Breaker Program, Intel and Intigriti will be running a virtual hacking experience.

This event will focus on Intel’s widely used trusted execution environment technology,
Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX). Participants will walk through what the technology is and how it’s used. Intel experts will provide initial training and present participants with a set of problems to complete.

Researchers who complete the problem sets and submit write-ups via the Intigriti platform will be considered for entry into a subsequent private live hacking event on an unreleased Intel product. Active participants will receive compensation for their time.


What will I learn?

The event consists of several learning tracks focused on Intel SGX. Your teachers will be members of the Intel engineering and security team. In addition, researchers who previously submitted vulnerabilities to Intel will also contribute. You’ll learn about Intel SGX and some previous vulnerabilities found in the technology. Then, you’ll be given exercises to develop your skill set. Participants will experience hands-on training using a virtual testing environment and publicly disclosed exploits and proofs of concept. Finally, problem sets and exercises to apply your learnings will be provided.

When is the application deadline?

Please submit your application before Monday February 21st, 2022.

Why should I participate?

When will the training take place?

The training will take place in March 2022. The exact timeslots will be decided based on the availabilities of the selected participants.

How much time will training and testing take?

The content sessions are being developed to include 1-3 hours of material and will be delivered once per week. The test environment will remain available for the entire duration allowing for as much self-led training as participants want.

How will this event take place?

Virtually. Training and interactive sessions will be hosted via a video conferencing software. Participants will be given access to a virtual Intel test environment for lab work, and write-ups will be submitted to the Intigriti platform.

Qualifications to participate:

Anyone can apply, but only 15 people will be chosen for this exclusive opportunity. You have increased chances of being selected if you have:

Participant Eligibility Criteria

All criteria must be met in order to participate in Project Circuit Breaker.